What makes Cheeky Tunes different

When my son was 3 he was obsessed with The Wiggles.

Out of all the children’s music available, The Wiggles was number One in our household.

He knew every song.

He would sing ‘Big Red Car’ all day long in front of the mirror.

He would dance in front of the TV.

So naturally, I took him to a Live Wiggles Concert. We went to the ANZ stadium and 1000 kids were in the audience.

Halfway through the show my son turned to me and said ‘I want to go home’. When I asked him why he said he wanted to watch the Wiggles at home.

In his 3-year-old mind, he had a relationship with the Wiggles.

He wanted to be a part of the show, he wanted to talk to the performers.

At home in front of the TV and in his imagination, he could do that. But I wanted him to be interacting with real things and real live people.

So I created Cheeky Tunes.

Cheeky Tunes is a show where the stars of the show are the children. They have a personal relationship with the performer and they get to come back every week. The children wear name tags and the performer addresses them by name all the way through the show. They get the added advantage of seeing the same children every week.

The kids get to play the drums with the performer, they get to pop the bubbles that the performer blows, they get to hold to performers hand and have their own name sung in the superhero song.

Cheeky Tunes is different from a music class because there isn’t an expectation of children achieving anything other than enjoying themselves. Cheeky Tunes is different from a show because the children get to participate in everything rather than passively watching.

It is children’s music but it is designed for Mums to enjoy as well.

There isn’t anything else like Cheeky Tunes out there.

My son is 7 now and is way too cool for Cheeky Tunes.

But it was created for him.

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