AROUND WTHE WORLD- foreign language songs for children


We are thrilled to announce the start of SEASON 2 of the Cheeky Tunes Music Program, titled 'Cheeky Tunes Adventures Around the World.'

This series is designed for the preschool age children. While the younger children will also taught the same songs we will not use the animation with the smaller children.

This season is an exciting journey of discovery, exploring different countries, languages, flags, and animals.

Accompanied by our mischievous friend Cheeky the monkey, we'll be embarking on imaginative escapades via Cheeky Airways to various countries. In each destination, we'll meet either an animal or a child who will teach us a song in their native language.

Every child will be issued a passport, thoughtfully personalised with their names, to keep safe throughout the season. As they travel the world, they'll earn badges representing each country they visit, which they can proudly display in their passports. Furthermore, they'll have the chance to colour the flag of the country they explore. At the end of the season, each child will be invited to take their passports home as a cherished keepsake.

Staying true to the ethos of Cheeky Tunes, each song will come with its own set of props to ensure the children are fully engaged in the song and accompanying activities.

Our second season is a collaborative effort, shaped by the insights of parents from our community who hail from and speak the languages of the countries we're highlighting. This ensures that the content authentically reflects the experiences of those who helped craft the songs.

Each week, while we delve into a new song and language, we will also revisit the songs from the previous weeks. By the end of these 10 weeks, our young participants will be able to sing in an impressive array of 10 foreign languages.

Here's a sneak peek of the countries we'll be visiting week by week:

  1. CHINA
  2. INDIA
  8. IRAN
  9. GHANA

To ensure an immersive experience, we kindly request that you provide crayons in the flag colours of the featured country each week, allowing the children to colour their flags on their passports.

At Cheeky Tunes, we hold a deep passion for introducing children to different languages. The advantages of teaching foreign language songs to children are manifold:

  • Language Acquisition: Songs introduce new vocabulary, sentence structures, and pronunciation in a captivating manner, facilitating language learning through repetition and rhythm.
  • Improved Pronunciation: Singing along refines pronunciation and intonation, aided by the melody and rhythm of the songs.
  • Enhanced Listening Skills: Foreign language songs hone listening skills as children comprehend lyrics and context, essential for effective language understanding.
  • Cultural Awareness: Music offers insights into diverse cultures and traditions, fostering a broader perspective and cultural sensitivity.
  • Memory Enhancement: Memorable melodies and lyrics aid recall, strengthening vocabulary and phrase retention.
  • Confidence Building: Successfully mastering foreign language songs boosts children's linguistic confidence, which extends to other language-related activities.
  • Emotional Connection: Music conveys emotions, enabling children to connect with foreign language songs emotionally and linguistically.
  • Multi-Sensory Learning: Singing engages various senses—listening, speaking, and even movement—enhancing cognitive processes and learning outcomes.
  • Fun and Motivation: Learning through songs is enjoyable and motivating, transforming language acquisition into an engaging endeavor.
  • Long-Term Language Interest: Exposure to foreign language songs ignites a lifelong fascination with languages, encouraging future language exploration.

In summary, teaching foreign language songs to children is a captivating and effective approach to introducing them to languages, cultures, and broadening their horizons.