Childcare Programs

Looking for a school incursion that ticks all the boxes?

It takes a lot of time and research to provide a rich and diverse childcare program. Finally a low cost childcare and preschool incursion that saves you hours of work!

  • Music Education

    Teaches children rhythm, dance, instruments and musicality

  • Excersize

    A high energy, interactive, multi sensory song and dance party.

  • Indigenous Content

    Learn Aboriginal stories and songs as an added feature of our show.

  • Elf requirements

    Documents provided to prove how 1 session can satisfy all 5 early learning outcomes.

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‘We’re obsessed with Cheeky Tunes’

Alana and Son Max

‘We feel really lucky to have found Cheeky Tunes.  Max loves it, he would go every day if he could.’

‘Highly recommend it’

Jennifer and daughter Arya

‘It engages all the senses. They’re listening to music, they’re engaged. It’s so much more interactive than rhyme time at the library.’

‘It teaches them so much!’

Lisha and daughter River

‘ It teaches them interaction, play, just how to be a human in society, it’s great!’


One off Performance


Small Centre
  • Up to 40 kids
  • 35 Mins Show
  • Fun Filled Interactive Song and Dance

Centre Invoiced 10 Week Program


Per week
  • Up to 30 kids
  • 35 Mins Weekly Session
  • Centre Invoiced
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