Cheeky Tunes- Is this a show or a class?

People call and ask about Cheeky Tunes;

‘Is this a show or is this a class?’

I’m glad people are confused because that means I must be on to something different.

The answer is; It’s both.

Cheeky Tunes is all about learning music and confidence through fun and play.

It’s a show because-

  • It is high energy and entertaining.
  • Children come with their caregivers and remain with them through the show.
  • Involvement in the activities is optional
  • There is no expectation that children achieve anything but have fun
  • The show is available every week but you don’t have to come every week, we don’t run like terms

It is a class because-

  • We learn, Oh yes we learn a lot- rhythm, singing, dance, drama, musicality, confidence, foreign language, responsibility, spatial awareness.
  • It is held weekly and children come repeatedly
  • The performer addresses the children by name and forms relationships with them and caters to each child’s needs/personality
  • The structure of the shows satisfies all 5 outcomes of the early learning framework see Early Learning Framework

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