Q- Is this a show or a class?
A- It’s both. We work through the philosophy of learning through fun and play. You child will be having an amazing time while acidently learning – Confidence – Musicality – Dance – Singing – Instruments – Drama and Performance – and getting wonderful exercise!

Q- What is the cost?
A- The first time you come is FREE.
After that you can buy:
Casual ticket – $17
6 Pack – $90
10 Pack – $125
(But you will be offered a special price on the day)

Q- Why would I come to a show every week?
A- Cheeky Tunes is designed to be a weekly activity. This will be your child’s favourite activity. The show changes every week with a balance of familiar and new activities and songs. The show is educational as well as entertainment.

Q- If I purchase a package do I have to come every week?
A- Your package is valid for 12 months. You don’t have to use your package consecutively. Come when you can.

Q- Can I use my pack at any Cheeky Tunes Location?
A- Yes. You can come to any available Cheeky Tunes Show.

Q- What age group is this meant for
A- Ages 1-5

Q- I have more than one child, do I have to pay for each child?
A- No, A package is valid for all of your biological or legal children. You can bring as many of your children as you like for one price

Got any other questions?
Email me at [email protected]

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