Why you should never push your child

There are 2 types of children in this world, yes that’s right just 2, I figured it out;

-Those who like to join in

-Those who like to watch

Cheeky Tunes is designed to be interactive. We give the children every opportunity to be part of the show. Because of this some parents feel that if their child doesn’t want to join in, then they’re not doing to it right. They lovingly try to encourage their child to join in, sing and dance with the other children. The more parents push, the less these children want to participate and the less they enjoy the experience.

At the beginning of every show I explain to parents that if your child just wants to watch that is completely fine. Let them enjoy the show from the sidelines.

So many times I have seen kids come week after week and never join in, and then one week… boom! This confident little being arrives and takes part in every activity. They know all the words to the songs, they have a big smile on their face.

Some kids like to join in.

Some kids like to watch.

Don’t push your kids.

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